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Bakkafrost is the leading producer of top quality salmon from the Faroe Islands, which are located in pristine waters in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, north of Scotland. Bakkafrost offers a wide range of healthy and nutritious salmon products from its own facilities. The abundance of nature and the cool and steady sea temperature of the North Atlantic provide perfect conditions for salmon. The Bakkafrost business was established in 1968 by the brothers Jakobsen and its first processing plant was built that year. Today, Bakkafrost controls all aspects of production -- from feed to finished value added products. This ensures unrivaled traceability and consistent high quality.


Our Approach

Bakkafrost is committed to maintaining the highest standards in relation to fish welfare, sustainability and sound stewardship of the environment. Bakkafrost salmon are farmed in a very healthy environment with no GMO feed and stable water temperatures throughout the year that ensure excellent growth and the welfare of the fish. Low stocking densities enable the salmon to grow naturally, producing a quality farmed salmon that is robust and healthy. Our approach includes: Totally separated farming areas (fjords) with excellent biological conditions; Stable water temperature throughout the year gives excellent growth conditions for Atlantic salmon; Strong currents ensure a continuous flow of fresh sea water through and around the cages; Low mortality due to a strict management regime; Lowest average feed conversion ratio and mortality in the industry; Full traceability from salmon roe to the final product; High Omega-3 (3.3 g / 100 g salmon); No GMO in the feed.