Brambly Farm
84 Cleveland Street
Norfolk, MA 02506
United States
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Brambly Farms was started nine years ago by Ted and Sandra O'Harte, together with their five children in Norfolk, Massachusetts. Although they've grown from a small farm to a popular local family farm business that includes another small farm in New York, our love of raising happy animals hasn't changed. Every animal that our family raises at Brambly Farms has no added hormones or chemicals given to them, and they are humanely raised with care and respect. We only keep rare breeds and allow them ample space to live in a comfortable and healthy environment. Our passion for what leaves our farm means the highest quality on your families' table. We are proud to offer our award-winning pastured pork (Best Pig in Boston Cochon 555 in March 2013 the Best Pig in NYC Cochon in Jan 2014), free-range eggs and heritage turkeys to local chefs and customers alike. Also, we are excited to announce Brambly Farms pastured beef, coming later this year.