East Beach Oyster Company
Ninigret Pond
Charlestown, RI
United States
Ph :
A blue jewel that's home to East Beach Oyster Company, Ninigret Pond is a 1700-acre coastal lagoon located in Charlestown, Rhode Island. Bounded on its south side by barrier beaches and to the east by Charlestown Beach, the pond is linked to the Atlantic and Block Island Sound via the Charlestown Breachway. Generally shallow with an average depth of less than six feet, the pond’s southern areas tend to be the most shallow with its many shoals, born from storm surges and windblown sand. Supplied by small brooks and springs, fresh water enters the pond and mixes with the salt water entering from the ocean. Like its pristine water, the pond exhibits serene landscapes of unspoiled beauty. The three farms that co-exist on the pond are located within fairly close proximity to each other. Mirroring the closeness of the three farms, the three oyster farmers on the pond share a close bond as well. Nick Papa owns East Beach Oyster Company, one of the three farms nestled in Ninigret Pond. While his leased site is separate from the sites of the other two farms, like the state in which it resides, Ninigret is not that big of a pond. Nick converses with the owners of the other two farms, Rob Krause and Jim Arnoux, on a daily basis. Their friendship is evident as they joke with each other on the floating nursery, like three friends in an office sharing laughs at the water cooler.