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Lerøy Seafood Group is the leading exporter of seafood from Norway and the world’s second largest producer of Atlantic Salmon. Our vision is "Lerøy in every kitchen", and each day we supply the equivalent of three million meals of seafood to more than 70 markets worldwide. Lerøy fillet FINEST is only made from the best quality that is freshly harvested and packed the same day. All is done to keep the good taste. Fillet FINEST has a deep red color, fresh smell, firm texture and rich taste. FINEST originate from one of the best areas for salmon production in the world – the coast of Trøndelag. At the small island of Hitra our production house Lerøy Midnor is located. Only the finest of salmon quality is used in the production, hence the name FINEST. The world’s first aquaculture of Atlantic salmon started at Hitra in 1970. Lerøy Seafood Group can trace its operations back to 1899, when the fisherman-farmer Ole Mikkel Lerøen started selling live fish on the Bergen fish market. This was fish he either had caught himself or had bought from other fishermen. The fish was hauled to market in a corf behind Ole Mikkel Lerøen’s rowing boat, a journey that could take between 6 and 12 hours, depending on prevailing winds and currents. Today, Lerøy Seafood Group is a wholly integrated, public limited company. It aims to take care of the environment, the fish it produces and all people involved in the business. Lerøy takes pride in living only off the natural resources produced in the sea. It ensures that these resources are properly managed, and continuously seeks to introduce improvements which will reduce pollution and help protect the environment. Lerøy is committed to food safety and delivering full traceability from egg to finished product on all its 2,500 product offerings.

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