Maxmar Farm
28300 Ensenada Baja California
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Co-founders Mark Reynolds and Mark Venus have partnered with Hector Gonzolez to create Maxmar (maximizing the resources from the sea), an aquaculture company based in Baja, California, dedicated to the production of mollusks. Mark Reynolds worked for the first 10 years of his professional life in International Banking before seeing the looming collapse of the world’s fisheries and the pivotal role that aquaculture could play in meeting an ever increasing demand for seafood. Mark Venus brought over 20 years of international experience in mollusk farming to Maxmar -- and focuses on adapting and developing existing and new technologies suitable for low energy usage and high production at the hatchery, nursery and farm sites. Our oysters and clams are sold directly to the public through our sister company, "The Jolly Oyster" located at the San Buenaventura State Beach in Ventura, California.

Our Approach

The company is dedicated to: Growing a biomass that does not affect the natural productivity of the bays; Following good farming practices by rotating its shellfish beds and leaving growing areas fallow; Reusing second hand boxes and trays and recycling those that are damaged beyond repair. Our business model is shaped around the local community where employment and professional development opportunities are limited. Through the hatchery, we supply seed not only to Maxmar’s farms, but also to our associated farms. We provide technical support to those associated farmers and sell their product into the marketplace. Maxmar stands out from many of the agricultural companies in the region who hire indigenous labor from Southern Mexico and offer unlivable wages and no benefits. We focus on hiring from within the local community and our teams include men, women, old and young - a population that would otherwise tend towards urban migration.