Ninigret Oyster Farm
Ninigret Pond
Charlestown, RI
United States
Ph :
After earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science and Biology from Springfield College in Massachusetts, Rob Krause moved to Rhode Island to start an oyster farm. Rob’s farm, Ninigret Oyster Farm, is one of three farms located on Ninigret Pond, a stunningly beautiful pond with waves of the Atlantic visible just beyond the protective barrier beaches that frame it. Along with the owners of the other two farms, Nick Papa and Jim Arnoux, they share not only the pond, but a strong friendship. In addition to running independent oyster farms, the three farmers work together to help one another whenever the need arises. They also attend charitable events together, like the Annual Milford Oyster Festival, put on by the East Coast Shellfish Growers Association. They donate their oysters and their time to at least ten local events every year. If you attend the annual champagne and oyster fundraising event for the Salt Ponds Coalition, you’ll likely see them shucking about 1000 of their delicious oysters for lucky attendees. In the winter of 2010, a foot of ice had formed on the pond. For this reason, Rob drives a boat that’s made of aluminum. With the metal boat, he can cut a small channel through the ice and keep it open for a few weeks if necessary, to allow the farmers access to their sites. In that same year, excessive seaweed growth covered everything on the bottom of the pond. According to Rob, the seaweed doesn't seem to impede the oysters’ growth, but it becomes a nuisance when handling and sorting the oysters and when maintaining the gear.