Red Fire Farm
7 Carver Street
Mountague, MA 01033
United States
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Red Fire Farm began on a 50 acre piece of land located in southern Hampshire County on the corners of Taylor and Carver streets in Granby, MA. The land had been fallow for a few years, with some recent use in pumpkins and a distant history as a dairy and potato farm. In 2001, Ryan Voiland purchased the property from the Hatch/Lyman family. As part of this sale the Commonwealth of Massachusetts purchased the development rights for the farmland, assuring that the property will forever be used as farm land. This also made it affordable for a young and landless farmer to purchase the property and get a start as a full time farmer. At Red Fire Farm, we've been growing with certified organic practices since we started in 2001. The farm produces a wide diversity of vegetables, flowers, fruit, and a high quality selection of vegetable and bedding plant flowers for your home garden in the spring.At our farm stands, apart from our own produce and plants for your garden, we connect with area producers to carry local bread, eggs, milk, honey, butter, cheese, maple syrup, chips, pickles, and many other products that support the regional economy.

Our Approach

Ryan Voiland began his farming career when he was a middle school student living with his parents in Montague, MA. With the encouragement and support of his father and mother, he opened a small stand in front of the house where he sold wild berries that he picked. Over the course of high school Ryan took over and expanded the family garden with plans to grow more vegetables for his farm stand. By the time he reached college, Ryan was renting additional farm land and selling his produce at farmer's markets and to wholesale customers in addition to the Montague farm stand. After graduating from Cornell University with a degree in Fruit and Vegetable horticulture in 2000, Ryan pursued his goal of securing a permanent property for his farm business. With financing assistance from the Farm Service Agency (a department of the U.S. government) and Farm Credit East, Ryan purchased the Granby farm stead. Ryan has now been farming in Granby for 12 years, and it has been 22 years since he took over his parent’s garden and became an organic farmer! Ryan is delighted that his passion for growing organic food continues to make a positive impact on the local food supply.