F/V Donna J
Fort Bragg, CA
United States
Captain Charlie Price runs the F/V Donna J. Born, raised and living in Fort Bragg his whole life, Captain Charlie "just got hooked on fishing” over 30 years ago. He got his first experience on a fishing boat in high school when the father of one of his friends needed someone to offload his boat. After high school, Charlie went to vocational school and returned to Fort Bragg as a mechanic. In 1979 a deck-hand job came open and Charlie jumped at the opportunity. He quickly developed a solid reputation for himself, earning a coveted part-time fill in work skippering vessels. It was not long before more opportunities started rolling in and Charlie accepted the position on the Donna J. as Captain and Chief Engineer.

Our Approach

Today Charlie is among a handful of highly successful captains in the northern California port. He prides himself on setting the highest standard of care for the seafood he harvests. He aims to produce a quality product at the dock that looks, smells and feels the same as when it was harvested at sea. To achieve these standards, Charlie makes shorter tows so there are a manageable number of pounds on the deck at any one given time. His crew is able to quickly sort the fish, get them into the hold and pack them in ample ice.

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