F/V Mister G
Pt. Judith, RI
United States
Mike Marchetti, captain of F/V Mr. G, has been fishing since he was very young and is the only member of his family to do so. Mike's dad owned a paving company which opened out of South County for many years. Mike started out with a 16 foot skift, fishing along the break water of Pt. Judith hauling a few traps and pulling a small net. He was also a deckhand on the 40 foot Karew Anne lobster boat, where he worked for many summers after school. Mike bought his first boat "The Captain Robert" which he successfully used for lobstering. Then came the Mr. G., a 55 foot fiberglass Novi he used for lobstering until the North Cape oil spill hit. Now, Mike fishes in 1-2 day trips with one deckhand.



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