Trumper Family Sea Urchin Divers
Fort Bragg, CA 95473
United States
Thomas Trumper has been a commercial sea urchin diver for more than 40 years. He dives approximately 135 days a year, around six hours a day, spending more than 25,000 hours underwater. In 1975, Tom Trumper was working as a diver for oil fields in Louisiana, when he decided to follow his would-be wife, Judy, to Southern California. He took a job as a sea urchin diver after seeing a help wanted ad. Hooked after his first dive, he never went back to oil rigging. Today, when he’s not diving for sea urchin, he fishes albacore, herring, rockfish, lingcod, crab and more. He splits his time between Fort Bragg, California, where he has lived for nearly three decades and Southeast Alaska. For Captain Trumper, the fishing and uni processing business is a family affair. Three sons, one grandson, and a cousin all dive for sea urchins. His daughter is co-owner in the business, Pacific Rim Seafoods, and his wife has been everything from a diver to salesperson. A well-respected influencer in the industry at large, he has served as past Vice Chairman of the California Sea Urchin Commission and currently serves as Alternate Commissioner. He was also the founder and first president of Southern California Sea Urchin Divers and has been heavily involved as a stakeholder on Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) regional initiatives throughout California. There is hardly a moment when Captain Trumper isn’t on the water. When he’s not diving or fishing commercially, he does so for sport.