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Opah from F/V Anthony G being served at The Bellows in San Marcos, CA.



Opah are an unusual looking fish – they have round, flat, body that’s silvery gray in color. Toward the belly, the silver shades to a rose red, dotted with white spots. Its fins and mouth are red, and their large eyes are encircled with gold. Fishermen once thought that this unusually colorful fish brought good luck, and would give it away as a goodwill gesture rather than sell it. There also wasn’t much of a market for the fish. In the late 1980s, the state of Hawaii started promoting opah to build a market among U.S.
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Captain Peter Grillo has been fishing for tuna, opah, swordfish, monchong, mahi-mahi and wahoo with longline and troll methods for nearly 20 years – from the North Atlantic to western and southern Pacific. He recently purchased the fishing vessel Ao Shibi Go and renamed it the Anthony G.
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Old world charm, to the table from the farm. Serving only the finest farm-fresh dishes, the Bellows puts the simple back in old-world cooking. World-class flatbreads, entreés, appetizers and a wide selection of charcuterie & cheeses paired with a delectable selection of wine and craft beer.