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Yellowtail Hiramasa / Amberjack (Farmed) from Baja Seas being served at The Lion's Share in San Diego, CA.


Yellowtail Hiramasa / Amberjack (Farmed)

The buttery texture and bright, mild flavor of this yellowtail is similar to Hawaiian kampachi (Seriola rivoliana), and provides a slightly less fatty alternative to Japanese hamachi (Seriola quniqueradita). The original stock currently being farmed by Baja Seas was bred from fingerlings produced at Hubbs-Sea World Research Institute – renowned for developing methods of raising high-value marine fin fish species and sustainable ocean practices.
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Baja Seas is the first complete cycle Yellowtail (Seriola lalandi) farm in the Americas. Its vision is to be a global leader in marine aquaculture. Respected for its innovation in aquaculture technology, harmony with the environment and social responsibility.
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Our vision is simple: to serve cocktails made with only the freshest ingredients, meticulously crafted for your good timery. And food that kind of blows your mind. Admittedly we have some high-faultin ingredients on our menu (but Antelope tastes really good). We are restaurant folks, and this is our first dream we have put a down payment on. We hope you dig it. We've been told we’re not pretentious boobs. We just want people to relax, eat well, and wear whatever the heck they want. We promi...