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Salmon (Atlantic) - Farmed from Bakkafrost being served at The Lion's Share in San Diego, CA.


Salmon (Atlantic) - Farmed

Farmed salmon tend to have high levels of healthy fat (omega-3s) in them, which makes them a very healthy fish to consume. Both U.S. hatchery-raised and wild-caught Pacific salmon and farmed Atlantic salmon are sustainable options for consumers to purchase.Salmon hatcheries are important for supplying juvenile fish for both stock enhancement and commercial farms. Many hatcheries use captive broodstock, but wild broodstock are also used, especially for stock enhancement purposes.Farmed salmon come from commercial hatcheries.
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Bakkafrost is the leading producer of top quality salmon from the Faroe Islands, which are located in pristine waters in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean, north of Scotland. Bakkafrost offers a wide range of healthy and nutritious salmon products from its own facilities. The abundance of nature and the cool and steady sea temperature of the North Atlantic provide perfect conditions for salmon. The Bakkafrost business was established in 1968 by the brothers Jakobsen and its first processing...
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Our vision is simple: to serve cocktails made with only the freshest ingredients, meticulously crafted for your good timery. And food that kind of blows your mind. Admittedly we have some high-faultin ingredients on our menu (but Antelope tastes really good). We are restaurant folks, and this is our first dream we have put a down payment on. We hope you dig it. We've been told we’re not pretentious boobs. We just want people to relax, eat well, and wear whatever the heck they want. We promi...