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Dover Sole from F/V Tara Dawn being served at Mission Bay Yacht Club in San Diego, CA.


Dover Sole

Dover sole is a flatfish. Both of its eyes are located on one side of its head. They have a small mouth relative to their size. Their drab coloring helps them camouflage themselves on the ocean floor. In some areas, Dover sole are referred to as “slippery sole” because juvenile and adult Dover sole excrete mucous onto their skin/scales, making them incredibly slippery and hard to pick up or hold. Dover sole is an excellent source of low-fat protein, calcium, and other important nutrients.
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The captain of the F/V Tara Dawn, Tommy Estes, is a third-generation fisherman out of Fort Bragg. His boat was built in 1975 in Fort Bragg’s Noyo Harbor by Captain Tommy’s father and uncle. As described below, Captain Tommy was just seven years old when he made his first extended fishing trip - a 28-day albacore run with his dad up to Queen Charlotte Island in Canada. Fishing is definitely part of the Estes family and their community in Fort Bragg, California. Captain Tommy continues to look tow...
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Mission Bay Yacht Club has a rich history -- the early sailboats had to be flat bottomed to maneuver in the shallow water of the Bay. The Flapper, a 12 foot catboat, was the first class to race. A variety of boats, including some from San Diego Yacht Club, formed a handicap fleet and raced when the tide permitted. By 1931 the Skimmer was the hot boat in this area. Each Opening Day we relive some of our early history as the commodore sails "Scanties," the club's first Flapper clas...