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Arrowtooth Flounder from F/V Donna J being served at Fort Bragg Unified School District Cafeterias in Fort Bragg, CA.


Arrowtooth Flounder

Arrowtooth flounder are found from Northern California through the Bering Sea. Their eggs and larvae are found in the water column, generally at depths greater than 400 meters; juveniles and adults live on the ocean floor. They’re most common on sand or sandy gravel habitat and occasionally over low-relief rock-sponge bottoms.During the summer, arrowtooth flounder feed in shallow water on the continental shelf. They migrate to deep water over the continental slope to spawn in the winter. Arrowtooth flounder is a delicate white fish with a mild, sweet flavor.
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Captain Charlie Price runs the F/V Donna J. Born, raised and living in Fort Bragg his whole life, Captain Charlie "just got hooked on fishing” over 30 years ago. He got his first experience on a fishing boat in high school when the father of one of his friends needed someone to offload his boat. After high school, Charlie went to vocational school and returned to Fort Bragg as a mechanic. In 1979 a deck-hand job came open and Charlie jumped at the opportunity. He quickly developed a solid r...
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Through collaboration between the fishermen members of the Fort Bragg Groundfish Association, Caito Fisheries and the Fort Bragg Unified School District's Nutrition Department, students at the high school and middle school are enjoying some of the freshest and most sustainable fish available in all of Mendocino County! Not surprising since Fort Bragg Unified School District’s Nutrition Department is recognized as a state model for exceptional school meals. All of its meals are prepared fres...