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Baqueta Grouper / Gulf Coney from F/V Kraken being served at Q'ero in Encinitas, CA.


Baqueta Grouper / Gulf Coney

Baqueta Groupersalso known as Gulf Coneys or Rooster Hinds, have high, deeply notched dorsal spines and bold dark 'mustaches' around the upper jaw. They occur in a brown and red variety and are prevalent in deep water, along vast rural stretches of the Baja California Peninsula, where they voraciously prey on fish and crustaceans. The Brown Baqueta variety are prevalent on the Pacific side of the Baja, and the red variety occur predominately inside the Gulf of California.
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A native Oregonian, Captain Clint Funderburg began his fishing career nearly 30 years ago at the young age of 12 by taking a job as a deckhand. By 17 he was running boats for other captains. By 18 he had become the proud owner of his first boat. Now based in San Diego, and the owner of his fourth boat, the F/V Kraken, Captain Clint fishes for bigeye tuna, opah, swordfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo and monchong (pomfret) in the waters between California and Hawaii. He shares fishing responsibilities with...
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Q’ero is a restaurant of great integrity, committed to the craft of cooking and the pleasures of dining. Consistent with the “Slow Food Movement”, Q’ero continues in its quest committed to tradition, great taste, and cooking as an artisan craft that brings communities together in various ways. The enticing aromas that surround you, as you step into the intimate dining room of Q'ero, instantly transport you to the picanterias that you stumble upon while walking the quaint streets of Cusco. L...