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Eastern Oysters (Farmed) from Salt Water Farms being served at Armsby Abbey in Worcester, MA.


Eastern Oysters (Farmed)

Native to our entire east coast and Gulf of Mexico,the Eastern oyster has also been a big contributor to the majority of wild commercial harvests in the Chesapeake Bay and Louisiana. Oyster farming in the United States has been around since the 1800’s and makes up a large portion of U.S. marine aquaculture today. Eastern oyster aquaculture brings in millions of dollars every year. Culture of this species took off, more than a hundred years ago to enhance overharvested wild populations. Oysters naturally improve their local environment.
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Salt Water Farms is the farming affiliate of American Mussel Harvesters. Salt Water Farms is located off Aquidneck Island in the East Passage of Narragansett Bay Rhode Island. The farm is in fifty feet of water and utilizes long line technology to grow bivalve shellfish suspended in trays in mid-water. Warm, plankton (microscopic green plants) enriched water from the Providence River and Mount Hope Bay moves through the farm on the ebb tide. On the flood, cool ocean water from Block Island So...
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In its small bar room with a handful of tables, Armsby Abbey enjoys sharing the craftsmanship of both drink and food with its guests. Chef Damian Evangelous crafts meals inspired by food raised and caught close to home.