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Black Baldy Beef from Sunset Farms being served at One Bellevue at The Hotel Viking in Newport, RI.


Black Baldy Beef

"Black Baldy is a type of crossbred beef cattle produced by crossing Hereford cattle with a solid black breed, usually Aberdeen Angus...The term is particularly used in Australia and New Zealand. In North America, the term "Black Whiteface" is also used in some regions. It is characterized by a white face similar to the Hereford, but the red body color of the Hereford is replaced by black from the Angus. This is because both the alleles for white faces and black coat color are both genetically dominant in cattle. Black Baldy cows are noted for their good mothering abilities.
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Jeff and Suzanne Farrell, along with their son Ethan, have transformed a farm originally built in 1864 into a full scale produce and angus beef farm. Sunset Farm strives off of our cow-calf operation where all of our beef is born, raised, and processed in the state of RI. Sunset Farm also grows a large variety of tomato plants on the property including heirloom, hybrid and beefsteak varieties. In addition to providing this food to local restaurants, the Farrells run a market at Sunset Farm on a...
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Culinary seafood classics from the bounty of New England and beyond are being created a new. Dinner is graciously served by attentive professionals and the popular menus showcase fresh ingredients from the land and sea that are sustainable and locally-sourced whenever possible.