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California Scorpionfish (Sculpin) from Cooperativo Ortega Cruz being served at Q'ero in Encinitas, CA.


California Scorpionfish (Sculpin)

California scorpionfish or sculpin (Scorpaena guttata) are a “relatively heavy-bodied species, with strong head and fin spines, ranging in color from red to brown, often with purple blotches and always covered with dark spots…The sharp spines on the dorsal, anal and pelvic fins are poisonous…Scorpionfish are found from Santa Cruz, California south along the Pacific coast of Baja California and into the Gulf of California. Preferring warmer water, this species is common as far north as Santa Barbara…Scorpionfish are a carnivorous, ambush predator.
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Ortega Cruz runs a co-op of artisan fishermen located along the Pacific coast of Baja. Working together, these fishermen catch fish using traditional hand lines and low-impact hand-drawn nets from small, open panga boats that are beach-launched daily. His co-op consists of 30-40 pangas and 2-3 fishermen per each boat.
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Q’ero is a restaurant of great integrity, committed to the craft of cooking and the pleasures of dining. Consistent with the “Slow Food Movement”, Q’ero continues in its quest committed to tradition, great taste, and cooking as an artisan craft that brings communities together in various ways. The enticing aromas that surround you, as you step into the intimate dining room of Q'ero, instantly transport you to the picanterias that you stumble upon while walking the quaint streets of Cusco. L...