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Pacific Bigeye Tuna from F/V Kraken being served at Half Door Brewing in San Diego, CA.


Pacific Bigeye Tuna

Available throughout the year, Pacific Bigeye Tuna are dark blue on the back and white on the bottom. This species of tuna measures up to 6.5 feet long and is very similar to yellowfin tuna in appearance. Pacific Bigeye Tuna have a rich flavor and pinkish colored meat, which makes them great for sashimi or cooking.
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A native Oregonian, Captain Clint Funderburg began his fishing career nearly 30 years ago at the young age of 12 by taking a job as a deckhand. By 17 he was running boats for other captains. By 18 he had become the proud owner of his first boat. Now based in San Diego, and the owner of his fourth boat, the F/V Kraken, Captain Clint fishes for bigeye tuna, opah, swordfish, mahi-mahi, wahoo and monchong (pomfret) in the waters between California and Hawaii. He shares fishing responsibilities with...
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Half Door Brewing Co is a "pub" in the traditional Irish countryside sense of the word – a place where beer is made and served fresh. At one time in the recent past, every hamlet on the Emerald Isle had its own pub, its own brewer, and its own unique brew. HDBC was built to celebrate this tradition, with the next generation of our family at the helm, right here in the Capital of Craft– San Diego, California. A half door is a familiar sight in Ireland, flanking the front of farmhouse...