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Baqueta Grouper / Gulf Coney from Cooperativo Ortega Cruz being served at Tartine in Coronado, CA.


Baqueta Grouper / Gulf Coney

Baqueta Groupersalso known as Gulf Coneys or Rooster Hinds, have high, deeply notched dorsal spines and bold dark 'mustaches' around the upper jaw. They occur in a brown and red variety and are prevalent in deep water, along vast rural stretches of the Baja California Peninsula, where they voraciously prey on fish and crustaceans. The Brown Baqueta variety are prevalent on the Pacific side of the Baja, and the red variety occur predominately inside the Gulf of California.
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Ortega Cruz runs a co-op of artisan fishermen located along the Pacific coast of Baja. Working together, these fishermen catch fish using traditional hand lines and low-impact hand-drawn nets from small, open panga boats that are beach-launched daily. His co-op consists of 30-40 pangas and 2-3 fishermen per each boat.
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Taking inspiration from the cafes of Europe, Tartine opened in the Autumn of 2001. Tartine has become a focal point for excellent cuisine in a casual and inviting atmosphere for both locals and visitors alike. Welcome and enjoy.