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Sea Urchins (Uni) from San Diego Sea Urchin Divers being served at Real Bar and Bistro in Solana Beach, CA.


Sea Urchins (Uni)

Sea urchins are found in the Pacific Ocean from as far north as Alaska to as far south as Baja California. They generally live in rocky-floored kelp forests, ingesting their main sources of food, kelp and algae.  In the 1960s sea urchins were considered a threat to the kelp ecosystem as they overgrazed healthy kelp forests. Measures were taken by authorities to try to eradicate urchins, including hammering and dousing them with quicklime.
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A group of ten San Diego divers (including Pete Halmay pictured to the left) harvest California sea urchin by hand in fertile kelp beds less than two miles off the San Diego coastline.
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